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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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A "good working people" as it is gradually displacing Shipley. The new settlement miners lay in the park, and the sensitivity of the Winter russian women that it was hostile. Once he good-naturedly, but considered himself a grand master of their possessions and their russian women. Now, however, the penetration of new unseen spirit of the time as if to drive out and squeeze it. He was russian women here. This was no doubt. Mines, the industry now had their own will, and this was against the will of the owners. All the miners took part in this will, - and before it was hard to resist. She or pushed you to your place, or just threw you out of life. Leslie Winter, an old soldier, bravely withstood this onslaught, but it is not drawn more than a walk in the park after lunch. He almost hid in the house. He followed Connie to the gate of the park with her head uncovered, in a patent-leather shoes, talking to her with the most exquisite manner. But when they had to pass by a small group of miners who stood and stared at them - and still does not bow, Connie felt that the high and impeccably mannered old man just winced. He crept like a graceful antelope within the cell is selected from the looks of onlookers. Miners were not personally hostile to him, not at all. But their spirit was cold and denied it. And they had a deep smoldering hatred. They are "working on it." Gray and ugly, they irritated him an elegant, well-bred existence. "What kind of bird it is?" They are irritated by "the difference". And somewhere in the recesses of his English heart - Leslie Winter believed they were entitled to bear malice for the difference. He felt a little guilty that had all the advantages and benefits on its side. Nevertheless, he was part of the current system and could not allow himself thrown out. No one, except for death. She came to visit him soon after Connie. In his testament he generously mentioned a Clifford. The heirs at once ordered to destroy the Shipley. Co-keeping it would be too expensive. And no one would live there. The old house was destroyed. Yew avenue has been cut down, destroyed, and the whole park is divided into sections. In a strange bald desert, the former estate of a possessing more recently, have been laid new "highly desirable" street. This happened a year after the visit Connie. Rows of red-brick "villas" were on the new streets.

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